AI Game Paused/Froze?

  • I am playing a 3-player C&K/Seafarers game with 2 AI's on my iPad. The player after me rolled a 7, and the game has just stopped with the "flower" of his color just spinning showing it is still this player's turn. I only have 1 resource so I am not robbed, and there doesn't seem to be any highlighted things on board or message. Is there a way to find out why the game is paused? We are not even half-way through the game. Thank you.

  • Just tried "quitting" game and then afterward went back and "continued." This fixed the problem and game went to next AI player's turn. Clearly a bug.

  • administrators

    @Sela1 Thanks for the feedback. We are currently investigating what causes the issue. Do you recall if the AI that had rolled the seven should have discard resources?

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