Catan Classic / Catan Universe unlocking purchases

  • If I purchase the older version of the game and purchase the expansions, I am able to unlock them on Catan Universe. However, if I purchase the base game and expansions on Catan Universe, I am unable to restore those purchases on the original Catan game.

    I purchased the original game and started playing on my phone. I really enjoyed this, so I purchased the iPad version as well. Then, a few weeks later Catan Universe was released on mobile. I like the interface better, and after using the "scrolls" that I got when creating my account, I decided to purchase the expansion bundle. I was very happy with this, but then I discovered that I could not get Catan Universe on my iPad since I could not update to iOS 10. That's when I learned that there is no way to unlock my purchases from Catan Universe on Catan Classic -- only the other way around.

    Are there any plans to allow users to unlock expansions in Catan Classic? I'm pretty annoyed that I can't do this. I've tried contacting support to see if anything could be done, and I got a very strong "no". The point is that I've already spent close to $20 to play this game on my phone, not to mention we bought it for my wife as well. What technical limitation makes it such a problem to unlock purchases in both directions?

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