Rivals: Strength Advantage bug

  • When you have the Strength Advantage, it doesn't let you discard the opponent's card into the stack. The cards appear, and when you select one the four stacks glow red, but when you drag them into the pile nothing happens. This happened twice. Both me and my opponent refreshed and it didn't help. I even had my opponent try to drag the cards into the pile. I also tried clicking on them, control N, and dragging them to other places on the screen. Both times we just had to quit. :unamused:

  • +1 here. This is a disastrous bug that's ruining the whole game experience. Please fix it as soon as possible, because we have already started to quarrel over who's going to quit here.

  • Der Fehler besteht schon über eine Woche.
    Es passiert einfach nix.

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