• In custom match, the player rolled a 7, but was unable to move the robber. We had to just exit the game.

  • I have the same issue.. in the free game mode, after rolling 7, cannot move robber. Cannot quit as Elo will fall.. stuck in an infinite wait loop.

  • My problem also started with the robber. One player got stuck, we talked about it in chat and all of a sudden i couldn't send a message and got window that said this game has ended but we were still in the game... After that i wanted to exit and the game said: do you really want to quiz the game. This will result in ELO decrease. Of course after i exited, because there was nothing left to do, my ELO did decrease...

  • Same problem here, playing the free game and when I had to give resources the game froze completely. No problems when I didn't had to give up cards...

  • This has happened to me twice today. I roll 7 and after players discard, I cannot move the robber. Stuck in loop and other players see that it’s my turn. Had to quit twice dropping my ELO. Frustrating.

  • +1 happened now in a game.
    Is the problem located? Are we expecting a fix soon?

  • administrators


    So far we weren't able to reproduce this issue. If this happens again to any of you, a screenshot of the in-game situation, preferably with the game log open (if you're on a desktop or browser client) would help us to recreate the exact situation.

  • @Administrator
    Same thing has happened to me multiple times. I’ll try to remember to take a screenshot of the log next time, but how about adding a “report bug” feature that allows immediate user feedback and automatically submits a record of the game? This would be very helpful as there are MANY bugs that I generally just don’t care to go searching for a forum to complain on. This Robber one, though, I’m about to quit playing altogether over it because it happens so frequently and is such a buzz kill.

  • @Qwert1234
    Same here!

  • This has occurred multiple times to me when the robber is moved. The other players see the game progress but I get stuck on the screen immediately after the player who moved the robber moves it. The screen shot you would see would look like we are waiting for that player to move. The screen shot you would get from them is that they are waiting on me.

  • @Administrator
    It just happened again. Unfortunately, this forum doesn’t let me post a screenshot, it just does this:


    Is there anywhere else I can post the screenshots?

  • administrators


    Please email the screenshots to


    We believe that the robber not being able to be moved is related to specific ingame situations, so a screenshot will help us to narrow this down.

  • @Administrator Same happened emailing the screen shot

  • This post is really old but I’m replying since it’s the first result in my google search. I played on the iOS version and had this issue. Realized that I had turned on the help mode thing (icon on bottom left that looks like a square with a question mark). That makes it so anywhere you tap it just tells you what it is. After tapping the icon to turn it off I was able to move the robber just fine.

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