Microsoft Edge browser unusable

  • @administrators I have just noticed that I can no longer use Microsoft Edge as a browser to access Catan Universe, since about a week.

    Chrome sucks too much resources and overheats my system, which results in crashing in the middle of the game sometimes, and not being able to rejoin. And I have 16G RAM, so the problem is not memory.

    Edge was the browser which allowed me to play without crashing.

    Are you planning to allow Edge again ?
    For what reason it was disabled ?

  • administrators

    @Athus We only do recommend Chrome or Firefox. We never exclude od disable certain browsers other browsers but they do all handle WebGL differently. It is possible that the latest update of Edge... well ... pushed it over the edge. You might clear the cache of your edge browser and load the side anew.

  • @administrators Well, that is exactly what I did, delete the cache, and I really mean everything in the cache.

    I still get a black screen, after the program is loaded 87.5 %.

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