Retaining progress after registering?

  • Hello,

    I was level 15 with 1091 ELO. I was not registered up to that point. I registered and lost all my progress.

    When I log out, I get my progress back. Is there any way to maintain progress after registering? I have been playing for weeks to get this far, I dont want to lose it!

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    @rjc1213 did you register with the same username you used in the "Arrival on Catan"?

  • Yes, and now my default name has been changed to john doe.

  • @Administrator Any update?

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    @rjc1213 If the name shown on top is John Doe you are not logged in to the game. Plase, make sure to log in.

  • Hi,
    I have the same issue. I've been playing without starting the seasion until today. I have registered this morning using the same user name and email address, and what has happened is that has been created a new account, but it hasn't associated my progess to it.
    If I disconnect me in the App from my account, I come back to the previous advance (level 20, elo 1207), but without user name. And if I try to set the same one, the system indicates this user already exists.
    Is there any way to associate the unregisteted seasson with its advances with my new account?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Please send us the usernames of both accounts to and we will investigate.

  • @Administrator said: an

    I sent an email, and look forward to a response. Thank you.

  • This issue has been resolved.

    Catan support deleted my old account, and set up a new account with the name that has all the experience. I had to reset my password, but after logging in, I successfully retained progress.

    Thanks for the help.

  • Hi everyone, i have the same issue. I was on level 14 without having registered. Now I did the registration and I lost my progress. If I log out i go back to level 14 with the name John Doe. Could anyone help me with this?

  • Try emailing for account issues. You will probably get a faster response that way. There may be some sort of log file yo can send them to match to your account.

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