What now?

  • I've played like 5 games when opponents just didn't move the robber or they couldn't see my house (ALT+F4 and rejoin solves that problem now). We were stuck in a limbo and actually quitting the game was the only option.

    As I type this I am in one of those games where my opponent rolls 7 and just stops playing. Autokicker isn't triggered, other player complaining as well. Should I just leave my pc on for as long as I can or will you return my karma...

    Screenshot https://imgur.com/a/VwAtR
    It's been like this for half an hour.

    I play this game often, payed for the base and expansion so I really hope that I get some normal answer to this

    I would appreciate a karma refund at least.

    EDIT: looks like all the others left, so I won this game of patience but I hope it doesn't happen again

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