Issue: ELO lost when game is won, AI, possibly related to other issues

  • @administrators @Developers Good evening, I noticed an issue today that arose when I won a game, but I lost ELO. Please see screenshots herein.

    This may be related to the issue I had brought up in another post

    Here are the screenshots:
    Showing the win -->
    Showing the lost ELO -->

    The issue seems to be the indexing associated with turn tracking when a player leaves and is replaced by AI.

    In this case, epic22222 had left and so would've been the player to take a turn after me. At the end of the game, I was treated as the loser on an ELO basis (i.e., in epic22222's position); however, it recognized that I had won on a points basis.

    I could discuss this further, but it appears you are tracking some items separately and a pointer/index is inappropriately set or advanced when a player leaves and is replaced by AI.

    I don't know how you are programming this so I may be wrong. I can't say it happens in all circumstances, but it definitely seems it could relate to several of the issues being described in the forums.

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