First Island too buggy; going to try Greater Catan for awhile until bugs fixed

  • I am sure you will fix the First Island kicktimer bugs which are interfering with a lot of my games soon. Today when I had a problem with my First Island game, I tried Greater Catan single player again. To my delight, it worked almost flawlessly. It still cannot properly apply the three rules governing depletion issues with placing two sixes and an eight next to each other on one of the islands, but it was to my advantage, so I can't complain.
    I stopped player Greater Catan about four months ago because it was so buggy. Once again, I am thrilled to play an almost bug-free game there. Resource depletion completely fascinates me. I look forward to that distant day when you completely take care of the remaining bugs it has.
    At least with single player, untimed, there is no kicktimer to worry about.
    I will hang out in Greater Catan for awhile until you fix the kicktimer bugs in First Island.
    Hope to be back with First Island soon!

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