AI thinking, never completes turn.

  • When playing single player mode on android or iOS an AI player seems to loose track of what they are doing, so they do nothing and don't complete their turn. This happens sometimes when the robber is rolled and they have to discard cards... the game is then stuck in limbo with the square in the bottom right hand corner spinning like its thinking but does nothing, giving me no option other than to leave. This happens quite regularly :-/

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    @Blazar Thanks for your detailed feedback. we will investigate. Does the AI continue to play when loading your save game?

  • @Administrator yeah game resumes ok. It just happened again during a custom game, with one other human and an AI player, AI threw a 7, human took a while to discard, and then in the log it says the AI had completed the turn but discarding player whose turn it was next, had to repeat the discard, and then we were left hanging. The dice were not passed on, so again stuck in an AI players turn... Was playing Seafarers The Fog Islands...

  • @Administrator I am on Android and hosting - the other human player is on iOS. It just happened again, AI rolls 7 but the iOS didnt follow - my android did... We have just discovered the iOS game did not have the current update - we will continue to try and see how it goes!

  • @Administrator it has happened again. We have only been able to complete 1 game out of 4 because of this issue. This time the iOS device was the host, AI player rolls a 7, android log says the iOS player discards some cards, but actually it was Hildegard, the iOS player did not need to discard, then we are left in limbo. On the Android device it seems Hildegard has offered to trade, I can only see it if I click on the trade button bottom left, there is no other notification and iOD does not have this trade offer, but I cannot accept or decline the offer, both buttons do nothing... They make the click noise when pushed but nothing happens... Sure is weird... This was seafarers fog Islands map.

  • Thanks for the additional info and your observations This should help us!

  • Does the AI have a turn timer!? It's stuck in a trade (the other player has disappeared) and no turn timer or kick timers are kicking in (ironic after 3 kick timer bugs in one game)

  • @MonkeyZ as far as I know it also has a Timer, but if the AI stucks also their Timer do

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