Offline Play

  • Hi Guys,

    When will it be possible (or is it already possible) to:

    1. Play Catan Univerise (all games) offline (no internet e.g. on a airplane) or locally against another opponent via Bluetooth / Game Center WITHOUT an internet connection.

    2. Play Rivals for Catan solo against an AI player, again OFFLINE without an internet connection.

    Thanks for a great game!


  • administrators

    @ArloUSA 1.The offline play mode is already available (e.g when on a plane). Just make sure you where at least logged in to the game 1 time with the device you want to use. The game will auto-detect that there is no connection possible but you will be able to play the singleplayer (all unlocked expansions of yours)

    At the moment we do not plan to implement an "offline" multiplayer or implement an asyncron mulitplayer

    1. As soon as the AI is done for Rivals you will be able to play offline as well. Unfortunately the mobile release quite shook up our time table. The AI wont be implemented this year anymore.

    Thanks for your questions and have fun with the App

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