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  • Hi Guys,

    When will it be possible (or is it already possible) to:

    1. Play Catan Univerise (all games) offline (no internet e.g. on a airplane) or locally against another opponent via Bluetooth / Game Center WITHOUT an internet connection.

    2. Play Rivals for Catan solo against an AI player, again OFFLINE without an internet connection.

    Thanks for a great game!


  • administrators

    @ArloUSA 1.The offline play mode is already available (e.g when on a plane). Just make sure you where at least logged in to the game 1 time with the device you want to use. The game will auto-detect that there is no connection possible but you will be able to play the singleplayer (all unlocked expansions of yours)

    At the moment we do not plan to implement an "offline" multiplayer or implement an asyncron mulitplayer

    1. As soon as the AI is done for Rivals you will be able to play offline as well. Unfortunately the mobile release quite shook up our time table. The AI wont be implemented this year anymore.

    Thanks for your questions and have fun with the App

  • I've purchased all expansions of the game on my ipad, however when I go into offline mode (without wifi), the game makes Single Player mode unavailable for me to play.

    Is this a bug where it requires an internet connection to verify expansion purchases?

    Please advise

  • administrators


    Are you running the latest version of the game (1.4.5)? There were some issues with offline mode in the previous version.

    To play offline, you need to have logged into your account once before going offline to verify the purchases as outlined below. If this does not work for you, please let us know what iPad model and OS version you're running and I'll forward this to QA to check.

  • Same issue here. Running latest version 1.4.5 (downloaded 2 days ago). I purchased the expansion pack but can only play with cell data (not even WiFi will allow me). I bought this to play while traveling so the face this doesn’t work offline makes me want to request a refund.

  • administrators

    @Bryandaigle Did you follow the instructions posted below? If the offline mode still doesn´t work please contact us via with further info on your device and os you are running.

  • @Administrator What instructions posted below? If you’re referring to the comment that I have to be logged in online at least once, that is the case.

  • Found a solution... logged out and back in while online, now offline works.

  • @Administrator said

    At the moment we do not plan to implement an "offline" multiplayer or implement an asyncron

    This is a pity. It’s a significant use case. How do I play with friends when we are travelling on a long plane journey or in a location where there is no internet.

    It’s during these kind of times that I want to play Catan (often with a single device).

    Please sort this out...


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