Game cannot handle kicking players properly

  • The servers have a lot of trouble kicking a human player and replacing them with an ai. The player before me was kicked and replaced, but the ai refused to pass the turn, there by not allowing any players.

    Also, I was in one game where all other players left or we're kicked and I was assessed a loss. At worst, there should be no penalty for not dropping out.

  • Agree. So tired of being penalized for their awful server issues.

  • game froze here too then I got bounced out. Not a good experience with the new format.

  • got booted twice in the last several days after I agreed to stay and play the three AI. Today, when a player dropped out, it took forever for him to get booted. Another player dropped out and then I left as I realized that even if I stick around to play 3 AI, I will still get booted by the kicktimer after a few minutes. Hope you get around to fixing these bugs. Game seems much more buggy over the last week.

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