Being kick-timered while playing

  • Hi @administrators! I have been kicked out by a kick-timer on my user while playing. This happened while one of my opponents was playing ; I was just waiting for my turn. The kick-timer would not go away, so I ended up refreshing my browser but was never offered to join the game back in. This resulted in losing 10 points of ELO, which is very frustrating as gaining ELO points is very hard ; you always lose more ELO(~10 points) when you lose a game than you win ELO(~5 points) when you win a game. Anything you can to help retrieving my ELO points? Thanks

  • @Giom The exact same thing has happened to me a couple of times now. I got booted out of the game while waiting for my turn and was not allowed back in. I lost 11 ELO the first time and 10 the second.

  • holidays are definitely not the time to have all these issues when your traffic is much higher.

    Three kicktimer issues: 1-kicktimed while playing
    2-waiting forever for someone to get booted when kicktimer is stuck
    3-getting booted by the kicktimer a few minutes after the game has ended and
    I am still doing my analysis

  • I posted yesterday that I lost 36 points in 3 games. Painful. HAHA

  • Tried the apps on Android, got kicked out of the game without kick timer being activated, in the middle of my turn ! Unbelievable. Lost many ELO points. That is why I am not paying for this crap.

  • This post is deleted!

  • It s just ridiculous! :rage:

  • This seems to be a newer issue. Only in the last couple of months have I been kicked out of games or had games cancelled. "all human player have left" or that I 'took too long on my turn', or the kick timer was on, unbeknownst to me.

    I have played through many bugs and issues that this game has experienced over the years, well before official launch, but this one bug/technical issue is the most detrimental. To the players (payers) and the game's reputation. I have always recommended this game to friends and family and now they're coming to me with their complaints! As if I have the answers! lol

    I have never been compensated for loss of ELO points for any bug issues of the past and I don't expect to be in this issue either, but I ask, could the loss of ELO points not be suspended until after it's been fixed? If someone loses, give them zero. Winners take the increase.

    This would be a kind gesture to your dedicated fan base, and act as a way of re-compensation from present/past errors
    Thank you!

  • I was just kicked out of 2 consecutive games of CaK. I have strong, uninterrupted cable internet at 90/10 Mbps. There were no blips as I had other devices connected online with no interruption. Is there an issue with the platform? I play on Stream

  • I have not been able to finish a gam yet. I get kick out all the time. using my phone or my pc no matter the internet quality. is there any other place to play catan because this is garbage

  • This is so bad, I have finished 1 out of 10 games maybe. 10% of my games I can finish lol. Has anyone tried getting there money back for the game or expansions that they bought?

  • When the kicktimer comes up, you have to immediately restart and rejoin the game. That will work around the kicktimer bug.

    (it's also buggy in that it also doesn't come up when it needs to still, games are still blocked in various cases)

  • This is so buggy. I cannot finish a game, my ELO just keeps going down, its pathetic. I love this game but this app is so fustrating. Even with closing the app and rejoining its freezes at some point, please fix this or give our money back.

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