Bought the game to play new maps against people, keep getting same map

  • So, from what I've read on the forums, Even though I bought the game, if I try to do an auto-match setup and someone who hasn't payed for the game joins, we all get stuck with that same map with the two 5's (wood and brick) in the upper-left, with an 11 ore above it, and a 6 wood to the left.. blah blah blah.

    This sucks. it takes the replayability I love about this game sand smashes it down.

    I've played 5 games online since buying the game, and EVERY one has been this map I described above.

    Is there really nothing I can do? No Option I can set? I just want to play the base game with random tiles and numbers!

  • administrators

    @FrumpyJones That is not correct. You should receive random maps in Auto-Match. In fact you can´t even turn of the random maps in Auto match making. Are you sure you are not using the so called free match?

  • @Administrator i think he talks about the ore for woll map

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  • If this is the case please note that this scenarios has to have the same setup every time because it does have the special task (trade ore for wool) To make sure you are not playing this scenario over and over again you can deselect it in the Auto-Match set up

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