My ELO score needs correcting.

  • Today I was playing a seafarers game which I won. Then when I went to the post game statistics page it showed my ELO had decreased instead of increased. Please correct this and add the proper number to my ELO. I think your system has a bug.
    I am attaching a link to the screenshot of the game as proof of what I am saying.
    Thank you.

  • @ThranduilElvenkind Developers?

  • This is a joke. Where is the support?

    1. The postgame ELO-display is buggy indeed, but as far as I know, it does not effect your real ELO. Your ELO is only displayed incorrectly after the game. You should verify this by checking your ELO within the ranking after having left the game.

    2. Even if you are right and an unjustified loss of ELO has occured, you will not be refunded due to technical as well as fairplay reasons.

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