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  • Game says "You are Offline" and is vey persistent, either doesn't let me log in or logs me in automatically but doesn't let me log out or play a free match. My internet connection is working fine. Please suggest a fix to this, I've restarted the game multiple times. Playing on Steam

  • Same. Trying to play on my Google Chrome Browser. This is shambles.

  • same with me

  • Fixed now

  • No, its not fixed. It still says the same. I'm unable to play.

  • I am also unable to play due to a "you are offline" message, what is going on? Does anyone from Catan Universe actually answer this?

  • @BigSlick Are you from Catan Universe dev team or just a player like us?

    Just wanted to know 'Fixed Now' was by the team or just a player was able to play the game. Because I was able to play the yesterday and even today. But now all of a sudden this happened.

  • same here. You are offline

  • Same, "you are offline". I created an account this morning and was juuuust about to buy the steam version. It seems these server issues are frequent? If so I think I'll pass on purchasing

  • Looks like its up now. Check out guys.

    Try reloading the page.

  • Nope, still offline. I'm on wired ethernet 125mbps. Issue occurs on both the webapp and steam versions.

  • What's happening with me is, I'm able to play and immediately after a minute my players are exited by the Kill timer and game's being cancelled.

  • I am playing currently, second game after this Offline issue.. 1st game cancelled due to the above said issue.

    And more weirdly my name isn't being displayed at the top.

  • Workaround: fire up the game on both your mobile device and your computer. Doing so will log you out from one of the two devices, you'll then be able to log back in the other and be online again. You can only be logged in one device at a time.

  • If you're using Google Chrome, I've found a fix: (It'll also work in other browsers, you'll just need to modify the instructions to find out where you can delete site data and cookies)

    Go to chrome://settings/

    Search settings for "cookies" and then click the highlighted content settings, and then cookies

    then click "see all cookies and site data"

    then where it says "search cookies" type catanuniverse

    then click the delete on all of the search cookies things

    Now, you'll be logged out and able to log back in, and it'll be in online mode

    Just tested now, December 5th 2017, on the latest version of Google Chrome, and it works great.

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