• How do I get into the game options from the main game screen? I see how to do it inside a match.

    • It needs a windowed mode.
    • Need to add interface help.
    • I cannot figure out how to quit a single player match. I got boxed in during my first match and every time I restarted I got the same game. Fifteen minutes of clicking later and I was finally released from hell.

    I think this implementation is a promising start, but not ready for prime-time yet. I'll keep playing on Android for a while.

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    The different video options can be found in the options menu. Click on you avatar and choose options. Under miscellaneous you can also find the options for tool tips and other helpful mouse over effects.

    To quit a game click on the gear symbol and choose the option "quit" in the upper right corner of the window.

    To start a new singleplayer game click on the scenario you want to play but not on the little "play" symbol on the far right. This will load a safegame. When glicking in the middle of the large button you will get the options to either continue or start a new game

  • Ah, thanks. Didn't think to click the avatar.

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