auto kick!!

  • this game is just ridiculous, i get auto kicked so many times when im 1 point from winning.
    regardless to that, something is just wrong with this game. from one update to another it seems to be more crappy than it already is. furthermore, im winning games, and i dont get points at all. who the hell hired these programmers of this game.

    here are the pictures, if someone can explain this bizzare situation..

  • Could it possibly be a display error on the end screen? Have you compared those stats before and after a game?

    For the experience points, we know from a past post of yours, that you have max level/xp. So that's fine that it doesn't display a value, but I can understand the frustration with the others...

  • @Penthilus

    This frustration cannot be described in words.
    we all play a game that we all love. some of us (me for example) enjoy catan at least 6 hours on every weekend, and no matter what, you will never get the amount of frustration you get here. NEVER.
    and im not even talking about the weird dice you get every 2 games.
    im talking about people that seem to bully you, im talking about auto kicking with no warning (which is very often!), im talking about "match ended" error, which the mods said it doesnt affect ur ELO (but it does), im talking about points dropped out of the blue. im talking about days you waste almost half an hour to get a game, while ur friends manage to get a game in 10 seconds.
    you cant synch with friends to play together, its almost impossible, but somehow, when u dont try, u see those friends on random games, and it drives you crazy.
    i dont know what the programmers did, but something just doesnt seem to work..
    the vibe you get on this game is always annoying and full of tension.
    you play a game and in 20 minutes you see 4 times the card "inventor". all in the same person's hand (im not kidding) how in the name of god does that happen!?? how can 1 man, get this card so many times? the computer shuffles the cards? it should be last in the deck! (ahhhhh!!)
    anyways, it seems im the only one getting pissed off, and everyone is alright.. so have fun all.

  • This post is deleted!

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