1. Please provide access to the Cities and Knights Game Log (either during or after the game). I want to keep many more stats than you provide (e.g. How many times each Event Die color was rolled, what number was rolled with it, who, if anyone benefited, how many black rolls were there, who if anyone lost a city - on what round did that happen, who was playing in each game and what were their scores. Basically, if you provide access to the log it would allow anyone to gather whatever stats they wanted and at least for me and the people I play the game with, this would be a HUGE benefit)

    2. The card that allows you to swap numbers on the board should have no restrictions as to which numbers can be swapped. Or, at a minimum you should provide the game creator with a "Switch" allowing them to set or unset that restriction.

    3. On timed matches, the first player should get either unlimited time or twice the value of the timer. This is because they are not allowed much time to make that very important settlement placement and every other person has much more time to view the map then the first player gets. We find our selves setting the "Round Timer" higher than we really want it to be because we don't want to place the first player at a big disadvantage at the very start of the game.

    4. In Cities and Knights, the pirate ship should not start off blocking any hex, it should be completely out of play until moved by a player. On the Treasure Island map, the pirate starts off blocking one of the Fog covered hexagons.

    5. A "Map Creator" would be awesome, or please add more three and four player maps for Cities and Knights. We love the Treasure Island map and would like more like it. We would pay for maps and/or a map generator if they were available.

    6. Five and six player games would also be great.

    I have seen some fairly similar requests in the logs but I haven't seen any "Admin" updates for them.

  • These would be helpful changes. You can never have too many stats, and that blasted pirate ship really shouldn't impact the game without a player engaging it! A map creator or even the ability to shuffle the map, maybe 3 times if 2 out of three players agree would really make some games more competitive.

    As far as swapping 12's, 2's, 8's and 6's, the problem is that is an actual game rule from the original game, so it might not just be as simple as programming it, not sure the creators of the game would go for it, but the "play" suggestions here would make the game better without question!

  • Thank you very much for your feedback so far. It will be forwarded to our developers as well.

  • @Administrator Thank you!!