Commercial Harbor Issue

  • Twice now I have played a game where I received the Commercial Harbor card. I played the card and was able to select from both of my opponents. First one went fine — I gave a resource card and received a commodity card. The second one, on both games, I gave a resource card and received a resource card. I should have received a commodity card. I don't know if the opponent selected the resource card or if the game selected it.

  • Yup, there's something screwy with the Commercial Harbor cards..... Anytime an opponent plays one AGAINST ME, the software ASKS (the specific text of the request) me to give up a "commodity", but THE SOFTWARE only gives me the ABILITY to give away a "resource" (not a "commodity" as I was asked to give up).

    When a player plays a commercial harbor, THAT PLAYER gives up a RESOURCE in exchange for a COMMODITY.

    When it forces me to give away a RESOURCE, it's clearly a bug in the software

  • @administrators @Developers I have noticed this as well. I have 2 screenshots where this happened so that you can see the players involved. I was playing on Steam.

    The first one happened yesterday, I believe it was somewhere around 3:00pm EST (sorry, didn't keep close track of the time on this one), but may have been earlier in the day.

    The second today around 12:37pm EST.

    In the first instance rkpfleger gave brick to pmi5005 instead of giving a commodity. In the second instance it was Esperanto who gave ore to me. Hope this helps!

  • Thanks to all for the input on that issue.

  • I had the same thing happen to me today. Only one player had a commodity (I know he had a commodity because he had just gotten it that roll) and the game correctly only let me initiate a trade with him, but he was able to give me a lumber instead of a commodity. I got the card twice in that game and the first time received commodities from both players.

  • @Administrator this issue is happening on Android phones too. Not PCs that I've noticed.

  • This happened just now to me on PC browser play. I got a sheep instead of a commodity. Not impressed! Luckily I still won the game though ;)

  • We are aware of the issue and thanks to your feedback we are able to address it and resolve it in upcoming updates. Thanks.

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