Is this Settlers of Catan?

  • I have been playing Settlers of Catan for about 20 years and one simple rule when setting up the island is: "Place 1 token on each land hex. Start at a corner of the island. Place the number tokens on the terrain hexes in alphabetical order, proceding counter-clockwise toward the center. Skip the desert." See
    I have been playing the Catan Universe for a few weeks and it simply doesn't follow that rule. Very often there are the same adjacent numbers. It changes the dynamics, its a different game.
    Also, how can I make a counter-offer when trading?

    I hope you fix these things really soon and I would like to know when. Thank you.

  • This is a common complaint. Some players do place the numbers completely randomly. I totally agree. The numbers should be placed in a spiral. This would ensure that the map would be more balanced in most cases.

  • Oh yeah. Counter offers are also intentionally not implemented.

  • @Stroom Thank you for your reply. I can live without the counter-offer, but the wrong placement of the numbers isn't acceptable.
    Me and my friends, we play in tournaments regularly, one of them was actually at the Catan European Championship last week. We want to practice and improve, to eventually form a guild and participate in online tournaments as well. I personally have high hopes and expect that Catan Universe can be a platform that can combine online qualifiers with international tournaments. That would attract a lot of players, create a bigger community and hopefully put Catan at the same level as chess and poker. I see a lot of potential for that, but they have to step it up and listen to the community!

  • I have had the same concerns for the last 2+ years but any recommendation that requires massive overhaul is not being listened to.

    I think counter-offer is a very important part of strategy when playing on a higher level. Of course you can play without it but it just makes the quality of the game drop.

  • As per the link you provided:

    "Important: Alternatively, you can use a fully random set-up. Place 1 token on each land hex. Start at one corner of the island, and place the number tokens in random order. In such case, the tokens with the red numbers must not be next to each other. You may have to swap tokens to ensure that no red numbers are on adjacent hexes."

  • @Liki The alternative random tokens easily makes the game unbalanced for all players. In a lot of cases, the first and second player will get an excellent placement, leaving really bad options for third and forth. All the official Catan competitions use the spiral token placement and so does the other Catan app. Also the other Catan app uses counter-offers. So, why should we play Catan Universe anyway?

  • I really wish we could have the choice of using the spiral option included in the Settlers of Catan board game rules.
    As more and more board game players attempt to transition to CU, many of them may be asking the same question that is raised in this thread.
    CU must have a reason for not including the spiral. Curious to know what it is. Too hard to do? Not enough resources to make it happen? Or not ever intending to include it?
    Since trading is limited by not allowing counter-offers and it is harder in CU to gang up on the leader to keep everyone in the game, I don't think it is too much to ask to include the spiral option as an equalizer. Might lessen the amount of early quitting by some players.
    The combination of some players quitting early with the very defective quick-timer we have right now is presently mucking up my games.

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