Custom Game won't allow 4 players

  • Hello, I am currently trying to create a custom game with 4 players. 3 of us players have not purchased any gold. When we try to add a 4th it say's that "the 4th player cannot be added because he has not purchased the game" we did not run into this problem before. is there any way to fix this or use a 4 team custom match? how can we fix this


  • administrators

    @Aquitiqu For a 4 Player Custom Match all for Players must have bought the expansion or unlocked it via a scroll. The Base Game also counts technically as an "expansion"

  • Without a random map and no 4 player support, this game is a demo. By default at least these two things should be free if you want to be taken seriously. Or at least make it very clear in the game description.

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