Catan Universe Update_2 en

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    Hi Catanians,

    Our servers won´t be avaiable due to our weekly update.

    Fixed issues

    • fixed: password reset did not work with case-sensitivity of e-mail address
    • fixed: in some cases, guild and player search could give wrong or no result
    • fixed: seafarer AI blocker, if AI try to move a ship
    • fixed: 2 merchant cards will no longer lead to inconsistent progress-card behaviour
    • fixed: the AI should no longer place the merchant at the same position or do merchant hopping with 2 or more merchant cards (place it at position 1, then 2, then back to 1 again)
    • fixed: new created user name cannot have pre and post whitespaces
    • fixed: new created guild names cannot have pre and post whitespaces
    • fixed: [C&K] AI handling of diplomat card

    Newly added functions or improvements

    • click sounds at character customization screen added
    • click sounds at main menu and sub menus added (except tournaments / basic game / guild etc. itself)
    • Tournament: added various functionalities for tournament games, these will be activated at a later date for public testing

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