Kicktimer running while playing

  • A kicktimer started while I was playing and despite going through my turns efficiently following the completion of the prior player's turn, I was kicked out of the game, when winning. This should not be the case. Such bugs should've been worked out months ago.

  • I had the same

  • Same here and 10 ELO minus

  • We are investigating the issue. But when you see a kick timer running for you in a game try to relog to the game. It should stop it.

  • I had the same. And of course I was winning too!

  • So are you saying you should ctrl alt delete and open task manager and force quit the game and re open?

  • The same just happened to me. Got minus Elo and minus Karma.
    But at least I now know that double tapping on mobile devices works for placing AND approving villages ;)

  • Should we reboot for all kick-timer issues? Feel silly that I have not been doing that.

  • Fix the bug, not give us a work around.

  • Same here. yet another ELO loss... ridiculous. Nice going devs.

  • Happened to me many times.
    This really needs an urgent fix.

  • This is getting insane. The game is now kicktimering people out, then if a surviving member of the game opts to leave, a secondary notification is popping up saying that person was disconnected for too long and kicked out. Along with a hefty ELO loss.

  • I was playing a game two days ago that brought up the kicktimer on me while I was playing my turn. The kicktimer started with 36 seconds left on it.

    While it counted down, I made moves in the game and the server responded to those moves. That did not stop the kicktimer - it went to zero and kicked me out of the game I was actively playing.

    It seems obvious that a last move check on the server should happen in the internet connectivity subroutine - but it clearly isn't.

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