Introduce a surrender button.

  • I see no point in penalising a player for wanting to leave a game when they are six points behind with no hope of winning. Introducing a surrender button that allows players to vote on ending a game and then allows players to leave without penalty if the other players refuse to end seems fair -keeping the current elo penalty, of course.

  • @QueenTakesKing
    Good idea!

  • Bad idea
    Have to finish ALL the games u start

  • @olop Surrendering isn't "finishing"? I mean, if we're playing to 17 points, and I have 4, and you have 14, I can't "surrender" and we agree that you won, and I "finished" the game I started?

    Is it better if I just quit playing and hit the "pass dice" button every turn until you finally hit 17.

    I like the idea.... even if AI just takes over for a player who surrenders, and allows other players to continue on.

    (you could even make it so that you don't have to accept another player's offer of surrender.... but in a lop-sided game, most far-ahead-and-winning players probably would accept a surrender.)

  • I think this would just get abused by all those players who get discouraged by being behind at the start or losing their city on the first robber hitting, etc. However, I do agree it could be useful if limited to say a 7 point or greater spread (7 being arbitrary). This way it's not like the person didn't try to play, they just want to start a new game. Sometimes when playing with friends we do this, just concede the win and start over to have a more "competitive" game.

  • There will always be abusers of any system. Allowing people to surrender would just end up causing most games end with 1-2 AI players. And that would just reduce the quality of the games overall. No-one really wants to play vs AI when they started with humans.

    The game system overall should just be more user friendly. Just make it so that more honorable players can play together and quitters are not allowed in those games. Then there would be less reasons for anyone to surrender.

  • I agree there will be abusers, which is why I offered an additional constraint on the surrender button to ensure it can't be abused by those that would easily abuse it. You also have to consider the person on the side getting dominated doesn't exactly enjoy the game, this is why it should still be considered not quitting to concede in such a scenario.

  • It would be fantastic if the "surrender" button didn't appear until you were (something like) 7 points behind or more.... Once you're down 11-to-5, a comeback win looks pretty unlikely.

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