"Something went wrong Errorcode 302"

  • When I attempt to create a custom game I receive an error message when inviting a 4th friend. I am able to invite a COM player as a 4th member, but I receive the "Something went wrong Errorcode 302" message when attempting to send the invite.

    One on my friends attempted to accept the invite and the game returned "Something went wrong Errorcode 303" message.

    Anyone else get this error or know a fix?

  • administrators

    @Axlstar Thanks for your feedback. Are you using the WebGL or the Steam version of the game?

  • I received the same error 302 today, when trying to invite a 4th friend. I'm using the Steam Version. I'm not sure which version my friends are using, if that matters.

  • administrators

    @GregorC Thanks for the feedback. It would be great to know what version he/she is using since this issue seems to have special circumstances in which it occurs.