Player quits and it gets stuck on their turn

  • In a free match that I am still actively playing, a nameless player (literally, blank... you know the ones!) with 8 cards rolled a 7, and immediately closed their browser, which forced myself and my opponent to wait the 2 long minutes for their turn to expire. So rude! When that finally happened, we were not asked if we wanted to continue the game and she did not discard the required half of her cards. We've both tried reloading a new game from a new tab and it is still stuck on her turn!

    My rant: I've played enough games to have seen this before, so I know there are others who this has happened to. This sort of thing ought not happen on a game that requires money to play the really worthwhile content. I very much was looking forward to buying the game when it came out on steam, but it wasn't free of too many glitches, and now, how many months later, and this is still happening. I have witnessed (and expressed) dice rage between players, sometimes myself, sometimes not, and sometimes directed at Catan itself. Generally speaking, caused by insane results from the dice. I'm not as astute as some others who I've seen record and post their results on these boards. The only thing I will say in defense of this online Catan is that it seems the dice have become a little more stable lately AND I have seen some pretty ridiculous dice results in home-games too (see below). That said, it's much rarer in home games to have the kind of dice results that occur in far too many of these online games. I've seen far too many games end with way too high a percentage of bad numbers, and although it appears to have become a little more stabilized, as I mentioned above, it is still broken, just a little less.

    Cool story: My sister benefited alone from 5-11's, 2-12's, 2-3's without a single 6 or 8 or 7 being rolled, although there were a few of most of the other numbers rolled. The second time it got to her turn she had more than 12 cards with three or four Development Cards and settled her first island and bought two cities! We did record those results! Even took pictures of the board because no one else even came close! Longest road, largest army, most islands settled, only one with more than one city (she had all four). The coolest win I may have ever seen!

    My plea: I don't know, maybe it's not possible to fix these issues. Maybe Catan was not meant to be played on this platform. If that is not so, and if I am ever to actually contribute financially to this version of the game (i.e. buying it), please, please, PLEASE, get your game working properly. And until you do, please keep those of us stragglers interested and open up seafarers and C&K every once in a while... Please! Don't make me restrict my Settling to the board game only.

    My sign off: I love you Catan! I will settle you always! I will build upon you and across you, I will sail you, I will defend you, sometimes I will be defeated by you. But other times, it will be I who will conquer you!

    -Azriak Tu'Onri

  • this just happened again, except the second person quit while we were waiting for the timer, and the quitting player had no cards yet.

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