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  • @administrators I recently played a game where one player left and the dice got stuck and the kick out would not kick them out. Is there a way we can get in game or at least leave a comment in game for support or admins to look at. Since the dice wouldn't roll, both I and the other opponent (who were technically tied, since I had a knight for army) can not continue. Can you comment if we can get either ELO or KARMA credit back for that game. I am not sure if it took it off, but imagine it would since we both left and probably gave the guy who technically left but was never kicked out the win. Can you please comment here? I filed an in game report against that player for record purposes.

  • @administrators second game in three games. What is going on here? This is getting very frustrating, please look into this. I will file another report in game for this same issue.

  • Thanks for the reports we will take a look at it. You karma cant be changed since it is at 5 starts ;) (thanks for being such a good sport).
    Your ELO wasn´t changed due to this incidents.

  • @administrators thanks for the quick response but can you confirm for sure ELO wasn't changed? When I went into another game, it was lower both times. The first time by 3-4 point and the second by 4-5 points. Are you saying it has been added back or was affected at all, because I would disagree with the second.

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    @Yeloow82 Maybe i misunderstood the situation. Sorry about that. If the the player wasn´t kicked from the game correctly, it is possible that you ending resulted in a deduction of your ELO points. On the other hand please rest assured the other player did not receive a bonus in ELO but most likely was punished for leaving the game first (ELO deduction as if he/she) had lost

  • hi - we are having a similar issue now. game was stuck. 2 players see each another as the next one to go, deadlock, and bug. we don't want to leave the game since it will take down our Karma however we are having endless time over 20 minutes now. can you help?

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