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  • hey, sorry if this question is answered somewhere but i couldn't find anything by searching. My camera angle is tilted way back and i cant figure out how to untilt it? don't even know what i did to make it this way. Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

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    @orcaorca Hold your right mouse button and move your mouse up and down to tilt the camera angle.

  • thank you

  • @Administrator Ok, so on Android, where's there's no mouse, and I can't "right click" with a long-press/hold, what in the unholy hell untilts this stipid f^#^ing table..... Why on god's green earth would you make it with the table this badly slanted, and no obvious way to get a fricking areal view.... seriously.... wasted 30 minutes just trying to make the goddamn table un-tilt.

  • this is pathetic... table is so badly tilted I can't read the numbers over the roof of the city.... and nothing I do will straighten it out.... can't see anything, and nothing seems to untilt it.

  • I'm interested as well. What do you press on mobile, to tilt the table?


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    For mobile please use 2 fingers to swipe on the screen. This will tilt the camera angle. @fiasco8 @StefanB1977

  • Well... That was embarrassingly easy enough that I now feel stupid that I spent 30 minutes without being able to figure it out. .... It was especially annoying because without knowing how I did it, or how to undo it, I'd gotten it to MAXIMUM tilt... It's completely unreadable at max-tilt... it shouldn't even go that far, imho.... put a limit on it to save people like me from near-insanity.... Just look at how angry I was getting in that reply up there above.... Clearly, that's the profanity of a man about to throw a tablet across the room (about to? ok, I actually did do that) because he didn't try swiping two fingers in the same direction.

    c'est la vie. I'm officially retarded.

  • I'm on a Chromebook playing this. I've been swiping with two fingers with zero luck. What am I doing wrong?

  • @Administrator maybe a video of how to?

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    @IamWoodGroot The game is not optimized for Chromebooks yet. Therefore it is possible that on certain devices the tilt via the 2 finger gesture doesn't work. If your Chromebook uses a trackpad or you have a mouse available hold the right mouse button the and move the mouse or swipe over the trackpad to tilt the camera.

  • Hi
    There is no way for me to tilt the camera up. I am using mac laptop without mouse and chrome.
    Is there any chance someone help what to do?

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