one in a million chances. How to win? How to enjoy?

  • I just played a game and the dice was rolled 74 times.
    A six was rolled 14 times.
    A seven was rolled 12 times.
    An eight was rolled 0 times.
    A twelve was rolled 4 times.

    The chances of rolling an eight are about 0.13
    The chances of rolling not an eight is 0.87. Rolling not an eight 74 times consequentially is 0.00001160108. That is 1 in a million.

    Good lord games with no 8s but 14 sixes where only one player has a 6 and two players have eights is really uneven. There's no counter measure to such uneven odds.

    I know dice can be like this in real life too, but could you add the deck of cards dice option? I just feel like it would guarantee a certain amount of balance.
    I can't win against one in a million odds. It's just not possible. There's nothing players can do when they get no resources and the other player is winning. There's no fun possible in watching a player get to 20 points when his opponents are on 7 or less. (at one point he was on 10 we were both on 5, that was the closest it got with him at double our scores)

  • Maybe my maths is wrong, but I get roughly 1 in 64,000.


    Some games are just unwinnable.

  • my solution is to play as fast as possible, play more games and even out the odds over more games. the luck in this game certainly makes it interesting. best for me is that i always have an excuse for losing: bad luck!

  • I support the idea with deck of cards dice option.

  • @Liki Yea I'm not sure what my maths was about, I'll trust you a perfect stranger on the internet over my maths skills any day haha!

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