Issue with reconnecting and not being able to pass dice or take turn, kicked

  • @administrators I was unable to pass the dice following reconnection and the game timed me out after I reconnected 3 times due to "taking too long to play" 3 times in a row. What happened was one player dropped out and was replaced by an AI (this was the red player). I passed the dice to the AI. Once the round came back to me I couldn't take my turn so I refreshed the game in Steam client on PC. I reconnected several times and each time couldn't roll and was finally kicked from the game. This happened at approx. 6:50pm.

    Please see below screenshot for reference. Initially it showed the AI icon after red's disconnection, but then it disappeared.

  • @administrators @Developers Good day, this issue has just happened again; however instead of myself reconnecting each time it was stuck on the other human player. I did not continue to disconnect and reconnect as this caused a kick last time I did this.

    As you can see in the image below, the game is stuck on the player immediately before me. Note, it ran the timer out after my first reconnection and likely logged this event. This seems to be an issue when players quit the game after the dice have been rolled on their turn, but before they pass the dice. This time I was considered the winner, but it was different last time. Not concerned about the ELO or leaderboard, just wanting to help resolve the issue.

    The issue seems to be it is not keeping the indexing for whose turn it is at the correct location. The reason I say this is that after red left the game, my avatar was highlighted as though it was my turn, but the displayed text across the screen said that it was Brooklyn boy's turn.

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