• I recently played 2 randoms, both were non-named. One had 1100 Elo (Green) the other had 800 Elo (Red). Red makes crazy map placements, then on the second round, Red "loses connection." Needless to say, Green won the game. There were other elements in the game that seemed rather improbable; however, I do understand how random dice roll works so I am not too concerned. Still, it was frustrating to see how Green would get a resource almost every single round and would rob just me every single time, even when the AI, which replaced Red, would be in second place.

    1. Anyhow, am I hallucinating or are there actually cheats out there for this game?

    2. What happens to my Elo when someone loses connection and I hit "quit game" instead of "continue with AI?"

  • In the last month or so, my CU paranoia level has been rising on the issue of cheaters. I think I saw it once, but I can't be sure. Now that I know how to block players, that is my solution at the present. I think it might be a good idea for the admins to check to see if a player has been blocked multiple times and start looking at that player's games. But, nothing from stopping anybody from re-registering under another name and starting all over again. Seems like a lot work to do to reach the result. I think you are right that something fishy was going on with your game. Isn't it written in the Bible somewhere that the cheaters will always be with us?

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    1. we are not aware that there are any cheats available for the game but keep your eyes and ears open in the dark corners of the www ;)
    2. Depending on the time you exit the game your ELO is determined. Lets say you leave with one other human player left in the game your ELO will be calculated as if you have finished second. The placement of the AI doesn´t matter in this case.

    the first player to leave will always be counted as if he finished last place.

  • Thanks for the response. Shall I take it to mean that no one has reported any cheaters or that no one has yet come up with a "cheat" as used in the broader sense of video games, which, when used, are not necessarily considered cheating?

    Even though it seems as though it would be a lot of work to get two of your own players in the same game, it seems that it is possible. One question is whether at various times of the day the odds of getting your two players in the same game at the same time are reasonable. Since I frequently have to wait at least a few minutes to get into a game, I think that there would be a good chance of that, in part, depending on the time of day that I try to get on.

  • I just played a game with 2 obvious cheaters. Their nick names are: bob96 and reca123.
    All the time I was blocked by robber even thou I was the weakest player, they never traded with me but they had some wild unlogical trades between them. The only 2 fields I didn't share with either of them were no. 4 stone and no. 2. hay, those were the two fields that were targeted by robber all the time. I shared a 6. wood and 8. wool, 5. hay, 9. clay with one of them and yet none of them placed the robber on those fields.
    Since it was more than obvious cheating I kindly ask the administrators to do your best to prevent such team ups as much as possible as it is frustrating.


  • @whuffo Good point, it does seem plausible that you get both of your players in the same game with a window of 1 or 2 min, possibly even less.

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