Kicktimer? But I have network connection!

  • I have been kicked out of the game for having no network connection when I was clearly connected. I am wondering how common this is.....? It seems to happen to me or one of the other players almost every game I have played :-(. Help?
    Also wondering if this affects my ratings? (Besides being a very frustrating game play.)

  • Same problem here. Was about to lay the winning piece in a long hard fought battle of Seafarers but when I rolled the dice, it said I had no connection, but I clearly did. I hurried and hard closed the game on my iPad but was told I had “no connection”. That sucked!
    It said that I didn’t have connection for a few hours and I even logged in on my web browser but said same thing. Used my phone WiFi too, same thing.

  • This is a very common bug that's seems to affect everyone..I'm not sure when they will address this critical bug as it's making the game almost unplayable... Almost..

    There is a work around. You need mobile and a computer.

    If you are able to log into one of those devices.. and then load up the game on the other device and try and log in

    It should boot you from the previous device and this may or may not fix the issue temporarily.

    Fiddle around going into the game on both devices simultaneously... Eventually it will work again. The key is to be able to log onto one in order to boot you from the other device.

    Try it out.. do it vise versa and just keep trying. I've managed to play several games normally. It's a hit or miss.

    Once your logged in.. and it's working.. try and keep the game open and don't log out.

    Hope this helps

  • We are aware of this issue and fixing the remaining issues in multiplayer games is on top of our priority list. However out of the thousands of multiplayer games played each day, only a fraction are affected. We know that this does not make it any better for those who experience the issue - we just want to illustrate that it is regrettably not that easy to track down and fix. However we are on it and are also in contact with our backend service providers.

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