hung game

  • just had a hung game. wish i could directly post a screen shot. so much for my elo

  • i like having a conversation with myself. in the above referenced game which was hung, the other remaining player outlasted me. since i quit first, i was the one penalized 10 elo points, although i didn't see by how much until i played my next game just now. in this game i came in second, not tied, and lost elo, but the player who won had much lower elo than me.

    is there a point if i continue that I don't lose elo? if two players drop out?
    No game is perfect.

  • After so many problems with ELO and disconnections, maybe it is time to remove it.

  • Thanks for the sympathy, but I think the elo system works much better than before. I think penalizing players who drop out because they think they are losing has been successful in getting more live people to remain in the game to the end. Almost always the system works to have at least one human being playing with me at the end of the game. In order to get a game started faster, I agree to waive the good karma requirement. I have also learned that someone with a slightly lower elo than me, but a much worse karma, means that my opponent is probably a much better player than I am.
    Knowing exactly how elo works and why I was penalized a certain amount of elo would be helpful, but I can wait for that to be made known sometime in the future. So, Stroom, when are you gonna shell out the five bucks and start playing again? You're not playing under another name now, are you? I am sure if you start playing, your actual experience and reports thereof will be helpful to the developers of the game. At least, it might get some other players to share their colorful comments as well.

  • I have the basic game already. I can see that the main problems of the game still have not been fixed. Mainly the trading system and AI automatically making moves for you. When I see that every week there are several disconnection issues posts, it does not invite me to play this game until it is actually fixed. The community does not seem very friendly either because people do not really get penalized for quitting games.

    The developers do no care about my suggestions anyway. I am still here because if PlayCatan completely shuts down, then Catan Universe will be a bad replacement for it.

  • is playcatan still going on? I would like to play it sometime. did you see the recent post on cheaters? that may soon be a bigger problem than quitters and bugs. Updates are as likely to cause as many bugs as they take care of.

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