Completed Arrival on Catan but Single Player game still locked

  • @Ophera I am having to use the scrolls for now. Is there a way to unlock it or a way to fix this issue as i have finished Arrival on Catan and the other tutorials

  • Same here. Please fix this. I love catan, have bought all of the expansions and would like to be able to play at least the base version online...

  • @Administrator hee, I also have that the Single Player Mode won't unlock!

  • Like many others, I have completed "Arrival on Catan" and none of the scenarios nor the base game have been unlocked. I still have to spend scrolls or suns. Please fix this! Is there any other way to unlock these? The only reason I completed the rivals of Catan was to play the base game.

  • I think you should be able to play Free Match in the base game without purchasing the base game, but the other scenarios can only be unlocked with scroll or sun.

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