Completed Arrival on Catan but Single Player game still locked

  • Please unlock me too

  • My account is jshrolltide, I’m having the same issue. Completed the tutorial, still can’t access single player. Thanks

  • Either I'm confused about what I'm supposed to have completed or there's something not right as my single player is still locked. deWhiz

  • @administrators I finished Arrival on Catan, all by boxes by my tutorial are marked in green but single player is still locked. Username is deWhiz, thanks.

  • My account is MeisterG and I have also completed the tutorial but unable to access single player. Can you please assist @administrators ? Thanks!

  • @Kabel8385 @richmc @Jshrolltide @deWhiz @MeisterG Please note that in order to finish "Arrival on Catan" finishing the tutorials is just an optional task. You have to finish games in "Basegame" "Seafarers" "Cities and Knights" and "Rivals/Duell" in order to complete the Quest. Please let us know if you did so.

  • How do I activate the full single player mode? Ore for Wool and a Harbormaster are still locked.

  • Same issue here, tutorial completed but no single player.

  • Same for me. Tutorial finished but the single player mode didn't unlock.

  • I finished "Arrival on Catan". have to finished games in "Basegame" "Seafarers" "Cities and Knights" and "Rivals/Duell" in order to complete the Quest. Yet I am still locked out. Username Judah007. Thank you.

  • I'm experience the same issue on my account. @administrators

  • I have completed all the quests on Arrival on Catan but everything is still locked

  • @Administrator

    Hello! Im new to Catan Universe (HB214) and seem to be running into the same issues. I have also completed all the tutorials available.

    So if I've followed this chain correctly, i need to complete at least 1 actual game in “free match” for the “base game”, “Seafarers”, “Cities and Knights”, “Rivals of Catan”. Is this correct?

    Also, am I also required to complete the “free match: introduction game” in “Rivals for Catan” before i can unlock “single player” in the “base game”?

    I’m only asking for these details so this issue doesn't need to keep being readdressed.

    Thank you very much too, I Love Playing Catan!!!👍🏻👍🏻

  • administrators

    @HB214 Yes you have to finish every "task" Candamir gives you. This includes an introduction game in Rivals

  • Please unlock mine as well. All my tutorials are green. My account is noningur. Thank you!

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