Completed Arrival on Catan but Single Player game still locked

  • Hi, do the random maps and other options come with arrival in catan, because if so, I didn’t get them

  • Hey. I’m asking a question here

  • @pensclues No, they don´t. You have to buy the basic game. By the way, admin is never in over weekends. If you post a question on weekends, the only response you can get is from fellow Catanaians. You have to wait till Monday for admin.

  • Ok. Thanks for letting me know

  • Hi, I have completed tutorial and first play with AI of Cities and Knights on Arrival on Catan. But it doesn't proceed. I would like to proceed Arrival on Catan to next step in order to unlock singleplayer play. Could you tell me how to solve this problem?

  • Hello, I have the same problem where I have completed the tutorial several times now and the single player still wont unlock. Can this please be done? Thank you.

  • administrators

    @TomSkiBoi The rewards have been unlocked manually for your account

  • Hello I have completed the tutorial and am locked out of progress in Arrival on Catan. I want to unlock the single player. Can you please help?

  • administrators

    @Jayochmat We unlocked the rewards for your account. Enjoy :)

  • Hi I am also having issues with single player not unlocking. Completed arrival but no luck :( would love some help. Thank you so much for your assistance

  • @Administrator I also have the same problem

  • This post is deleted!

  • Mine won’t pass the Cities & Knights tutorial. I’ve went through and finished 3 C&K games now but when I start arrival on Catan it asks me to fight the barbarians again! @administrators

  • Tried one more time and it worked. Thanks.

  • @L-Boogie3o5 it’s working I’m an idiot

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