Completed Arrival on Catan but Single Player game still locked

  • @Administrator Please help

  • @Administrator Hi! Help me with this issue too please!

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    @Gamer50504lol That's correct. Both players have to have access to the custom match and the same maps you want to play the custom match on

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    @fzaint That is correct. You should be able to play the singleplayer, free-match and custom game mode on the scenario "the first Island" with 3 players. The map will in all cases be the same (resource and number distribution).

  • @Administrator Hi. I'm sorry but that was not my question. The problem I have is that I've completed Arrival on Catan but Random maps are still blocked.

  • What does it mean "complete Arrival on Catan"? Or to put It in other words, what are the exact requirements to fulfill? Thanks un advance.

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    @fmurciap "Arrival on Catan" is the Quest-chain Candamir gives you when starting up the game for the first time. He will explain to you the basic elements of Catan Universe. This includes playing one game in all the expansions (including Rival)s we offer. Atm "Arrival on Catan" ends once you finished the Rivals game.

  • Hey i have the same problem i have completed every single tutorial and still i havent recieved the singleplayer of the base game heeellllpppppp plz

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    Hi @Unzaga. Could you write a quick e-mail to and simply share your username with them? They will be able to unlock the reward once they confirm that you've finished all of it.

  • @Administrator Does that mean I can play a customs game with a friend and add AI? That would be very interesting, because I often have trouble to find a 3rd player. Or are you only referring to duells? Please explain!

  • Hi @Rumpelstilzchen! If you and your friend own the full version of the base game or have it temporarily unlocked via a scroll you can add an AI to a custom game. Just click on custom match and then add your friend as you usually do. Then click on "Add player" again and choose "Computer (KI)" on the top right and select with which AI you want to play with. Please let me know if this helped you!

  • @Administrator Thanks a lot, I will try that! :smiley_cat:

  • Hello. I'm having the same problem. Played all the tutorials but single player mode is still locked. Username is Falcao

  • Hi Falcao,

    Could you please write an e-mail with your username to Our technical support will try to help you out as quickly as they can!

  • @Administrator It worked. :balloon: Very happy about this! :dancers:

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