Completed Arrival on Catan but Single Player game still locked

  • I’ve gone through the tutorial twice. Single player still locked and can’t use scrolls.

    To add to the frustration the tutorials go from green back to grey.

  • I had the same problem as the hundreds of people reporting it before me.

    The trick is to complete Arrival on Catan using the browser version of the game. I did it twice using the steam version, but the Single Player game remained locked. With the browser version it worked after the first try.

    The steam version of the game seems to be broken in other ways as well. Every time I click on "Free match" it says "Searching for opponents..." for a bit and then just disappears. I wasn't able to play a single game outside of the tutorials and Arrival on Catan.

    So just uninstall the steam version, forget that it exists, use the browser version and live happily ever after.

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    @Noningur You'll have to play every game suggested by Candamair, not only tutorials. Nevertheless, I've upgraded your account.
    @Starterbutton Done for your account as well.

  • @administrators Candamair doenst suggest any games for me. How can I complete the arrival of catan quest?

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    You could reset or restart these games via the game options, but I've marked it as completed in your account for the time being.

  • Completed AoC but SinglePlayer mode is still locked. Using up all my scrolls to play singleplayer. Can you please unlock?

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