Completed Arrival on Catan but Single Player game still locked

  • It won’t unlock for me either!

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    @Nobadapples have you tried to log out and back in again after you finished the last task? (currently, it is winning a game in Rivals)

  • @Administrator Hi Admin

    Profile Name IcyKane,

    I'm facing the same issue, have completed all tutorials including rivals, plus logged out and in couple of times as mentioned by you but still no luck!

    I also took a screenshot where it showed that you completed rivals tutorials.

    Request you to kindly help and unlock the single player campaign


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    @IcyKane Just to be clear. We do not offer a singleplayer campaign in Catan Universe. After finishing "Arrival on Catan" you are able to play the scenario first island with 2 Ai players with the standard setup of tiles.

    Did you finish the Tutorials or have you played and won the games in base, seafarers, cities and knight and rivals, too?

    To get you going anyway we unlocked the rewards for you anyway?

  • It won’t unlock for me either. Is there a reason hundreds of people have this issue?

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    @JessicaG208 We checked your account and you should already be able to play the singleplayer for the first island scenario. If not please contact us via

  • @JessicaG208 Of course there is a reason. But it would be indiscreet to mention it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • @Administrator Note that this isn't what the in-game message specifies. Each time the player taps the Single-player option, the message states that the player must complete "Arrival on Catan" before that part of the game will be accessible.

    Given the sheer volume of reported issues exactly like this, does the development team intend to correct this?

  • It won’t unlock for me either. And yes, I locked out and in again, but the single-player option is still not available. Please fix this bug, thank you!

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    Hi @kurukali! Could you kindly send an e-mail to our technical support at They should be able to unlock the single player game mode for you!

  • I have completed all tutorials including rivals, plus logged out and in couple of times as mentioned by you but still no luck!

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    @Claudyus Please check again after the latest update today :)

  • @Administrator it work, thx

  • @LCorp said:

    @Administrator same problem with single player being locked after AoC finished! Please help!


    @Administrator hi I see Single Player is unlocked but only allows me to play against "Rookie" level AI? Is this intended?? It sounded like all of single player for the first map would be unlocked.

    Otherwise, could I refund my "expansion bundle" so I can get the "board game bundle" with the base game?

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    @LCorp please contact us via regarding issues on your purchases

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