I am leaving after 300+ games because CatanUniverse is just bad.

  • I have played over 300+ games on CatanUniverse. At this point, it is no longer worth it to continue playing. The user experience is terrible, and the frustration of terrible programming and bad user interface outweighs the small amount of enjoyment that I get from this game.

    My primary complaint: THE ELO SYSTEM IS TOTAL GARBAGE.

    It is impossible to gain and maintain a high ELO score because the system is a complete failure. When I lose a game, I lose 10+ ELO points; when I win a game, I gain only 6+ ELO points. Even if I am winning more than 50% of games, I lose ELO. This is ridiculous. There are many more problems with ELO, but that problem is the most upsetting.

    Another major problem is that board arrangements are terrible and unbalanced. It is very common that there is one location with 13 "pips" (for example: 6/5/9), and there are zero other locations which have enough "pips" to compete. This means that the first player to place their settlement wins the game immediately. The board arrangements must be made more balanced; as it is, luck is much more important than skill.

    I am disgusted by the developers' decision to spend massive resources on creating a "3d graphics experience" rather than making a simple, reliable, and enjoyable game experience. Just provide a simple "2d" game LIKE PLAYCATAN that CONSISTENTLY WORKS WITH ZERO BUGS. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT "GRAPHICS". I JUST WANT THE GAME TO WORK!

    There are so many examples of terrible design here, I cannot list them all. I will provide just two examples:

    1. Why do I have to drag the screen down every time I want to buy a development card? There is a big empty space on the right side of the board. Why not put the development cards there? Instead, I have to drag the board down -> pick a development card -> drag the board back up, EVERY TIME.

    2. When I move the robber, an option appears to steal from either opponent. However, if one opponent has zero resource cards, the game still allows me to click on that player, THIS WASTES MY USE OF THE ROBBER BECAUSE I GET ZERO CARDS. This is so obvious, I am disgusted by the developers failure to follow basic design principles. DO NOT ALLOW THE USER TO SELECT AN OPPONENT WITH ZERO RESOURCE CARDS. This failure is not possible in the actual board game; this is just laziness and sloppiness and ignorance by the developers.

    The bugs are intolerable. Constant networking failures, ELO punishment when a game freezes, it is too horrible. I can't deal with this any more.

    So goodbye "CatanUniverse". I love Settlers of Catan, and I wish that there was a good option to play online. But there is not. This game is not worth my time and not worth the frustration. It seems that the developers have failed the way every monopoly fails: ignorance of user needs and desires, reliance on monopoly position to force the consumer to use a terrible and overpriced product.

    Goodbye and good riddance.

  • 1-There may be a situation where I may not want to rob an opponent who has a chance to take longest road away from my main opponent who doesn't have any cards.

    2-I agree that there should be an option to eliminate 13-point intersections such as the board game provides. The only downside I can think of is most players will probably not take the time to check that option off and I might be waiting for a long tim for a four-player game.

    3-If we made 12 point intersections the default, then I think that would work and I doubt that many people would be upset or bother to check off the 13 point option.

    4-As I get better, I lose a lot more elo if I come in last than I gain if I win. I also usually lose elo if I come in second to a weaker player or am tied for second with a weaker player.

    5-As I said in one of my recent posts (sorry to repeat so soon), the game has gotten vastly better over the last year and works well for me as I have few options of rounding up board players. Sorry to lose you and I hope you will reconsider or revisit the game later.

    6-Last, since I can't find my previous post on this topic, for about 10 games after I complained about not getting to go first, I got to go first and second about 10 out of 12 games before lapsing into my usual luck pattern. I guess it does pay to complain! Thanks whoever helped me out here. I will be complaining about this again soon.

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