catan for mobile when they haven't even come close to making the online version playable

  • does anyone else find it funny that the money grubbing, fan-hating catan nazis are about to release catan for mobile when all they have accomplished so far with their online version is pissing off most of their fans. after reading forum and steam reviews, it is not hard to see that more than a lot of people feel this way. i am done with catanU and will be boycotting any future purchases of their board games as well until they start treating their fans less disdainfully and i truly hope that anyone that reads this will consider the same. if not, have fun playing with broken toys!

  • Sorry you are having such a hard time. I have been with the beta and current versions of CU for about a year now. I have gone through a lot of bugginess, but now the game works very well for me. Admin is also very responsive. Wish I could help. Sorry to lose a fellow Catanian!

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