I like the 3D feel to the board version I have at home.

  • So I have this board version at home. It's very nice. It's all 3D and stuff. You can pick up each item and actually place it on the board while playing. I mean you actually have to take a settlement piece with your fingers and place it on a board which you have to build on your own rather than the computer generating for you.

    So just like Catan Universe is trying to be with it's WebGL Unity framework. Except for it's actually good.

    We meet with friends and play from time to time. It's very nice.

    I think we are going to meet more often now and have a nice evening every then and a while. With snacks and wine and maybe pizza.
    When PlayCatan is gone it's going to be the only way to play.

    Back to the roots baby. Back to the roots.

  • @roadwolf123 - When did this come out and how can I get my hands on it?!

  • @summerborn I once played chess like that. Except for that it was with two guys simultaneously. There were both better than me and I never could beat them. So what I did, was pass one guys move to the other. That way I won with one of them :)

  • @summerborn That would be a better experience than Catan Universe for sure!

  • @roadwolf123 The best way to play chess is to try to steal your opponents pieces off the board. Not as in cheating, I'm not actually trying to win the win the game. I just want to see how many pieces I can steal before they notice. The rules are that you cannot steal if they leave the room (where is the challange in that?) and... that's about it really. "Hey look at that".. swipe queen.

  • @katrae
    Interesting. What if you could do this in this game. Would be the only reasonable explanation for them going 3D with Catan Universe.

  • @katrae also who is I have no idea why they have gone with the 3D feel. To me the main benefit of playing a digital version of a board game is that you don't have to mess around with physical pieces, like in Monopoly where you are trying to fish around under the board for those $1 notes.

    Also I find it annoying not to be able to see the board whilst trading. Maybe that person wants to build where I want to build etc.

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