Robers discard selection

  • Everytime players roll a 7 and I get robbed, I can not select the resources i want to discard,

    Example: I wish to discard 3 out 5 brick but the computer forces me to discard one card of each type.

    This didn't happen to me before... What happened. This is a handicap to winning the game.

    Please sort out

  • Try clicking on the bottom of the pile of cards where the number appears. This seems to have changed recently.

  • you mean exactly over the number? the same thing is happening to me

  • if catan wanted to fix the issue they would fire all their shitty developers and start from scratch to make a game that actually worked, a game that honored their fans instead of ramming their fists up our asses. i am so totally done with this game. i used to love catan and all its expansions, but now i think i will have a bonfire with them. developers of this game, you can go to hell.

  • I am facing the same problem. I am unable to discard the cards of my choice

  • This problem was caused by a terrible design decision that was introduced with the recent update.

    Previously, you could click anywhere on the card to select it for discard.

    Now, you must click on the very bottom edge of the card to select it for discard.


    Isn't it frustrating how the developers of this game are incompetent and ignore basic design principles? Isn't it frustrating that the developers will not fix existing bugs, and instead waste everyone's time with new "features" that are completely useless?

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