Limit ELO Rating

  • @administrators Is there a feature in the paid expansion game that you can restrict players with certain ELO's from joining?

  • why would we be restricted for having low/high ELO points?

    I have very low ELO points, and sadly that is cause of too many disconnections and games that froze, while i didnt even know about this ELO/KARMA thing.
    I've been playing catan for a very long time in real life, and the moment i heard about this game I bought it, and wasnt really aware to this method of points.
    so what u're saying now is that i paid 15$ and should get punished by being restricted in game?

  • @syxQn
    I am not saying restricted to all games. This is very common with most game sites. You are able to restrict certain things about the game. Game Settings, rating who can join (here measured in ELO), leave percentage (here measured in Karma). For example, the exact situation you mentioned, I don't want to have to deal with. I am sorry you freeze or don't have reliable internet connection, but I don't want to have to deal with you getting disconnected because then the other two of us have to play with AL. AL can't mimic a normal player and is a very different game than a human player.

    I also have lost games because lower rated players trade with someone at 9 points to give them the win, made poor in game decisions, or didn't build something properly which a higher rated player wouldn't do. I am not saying I make all the right moves either, but again there are things in a game that I know higher rated people won't do that I see happening playing against someone who is not as experienced. I have also played with people who are playing for the first time. They don't know how to trade, they don't know how to roll, they don't know how to buy a dev card. It's PAINFUL.

    But to answer your question, should you be restricted for having a lower rated ELO. No, on a whole site level. With that being said, I also should be able to start a game and chose the type of game or players I want to play with. You also have that right. If we are using the illustration of being restricted, I also play basketball. I can't just walk out on a NBA team and say, hey I want to play. I'm not good enough. If I want to play, there is a game at our local YMCA, which I am more than willing to walk out and join. It's the same scenario and I realize this is a "board game", but you have to also realize that some people might want the option to not play with less experienced players, low ELO, or Low Karma.

    All I am asking the @administrators, is that option available in the paid version.

  • ELO is kind of a bad metric to show player skill in a game that is often decided by luck. If all players have equally high ELO, it very often ends with all players at 1-2 points away from victory and the one who gets the lucky dice roll wins. Quite common in championships after passing the qualifiers. ELO would just become very volatile and if you really care about it, it would be frustrating to see that it can change +- 100 per week. Especially if you are on a losing streak. Every lucky win of the opponent just makes you feel worse. Catan is not a game for ELO.

    We have already seen posts of people teaming up on the others to make one of them win. As you said, kingmaking is quite common. Or just creating two accounts to boost one of them. If some people abuse the ELO system like this without any apparent punishment, you can not bet that high ELO equals reliable and honest player.

    I think what you really want is to show player reliability. This is what karma should be, intuitively. Currently every player starts with maximum (5) karma points. How is it possible that a completely random new player can be considered 100% reliable? How it was done in PlayCatan was that you do not have any "reliability points" (starts). If you play more and quit less, you eventually gain the stars. If anyone has 3 stars, it means that the player is reliable. You actually had to play and not quit to gain max karma. In this game you get it for free. So it is very easy to ruin the game experience for old players. No player should have max karma when they create a new account. At least it should start at 3/5 and climb up as you complete games.

    How you gain or lose karma is very shady. Some people have played tens or hundreds of games but they can not gain any karma. It is quite impossible to predict what happens if you quit the game. And if you do it "the wrong way", it seems like you still lose karma. To me, it seems like the code managing the start and end of a game can not reliably define the players who should gain or lose karma. And sometimes the game just kicks players out of the game for no apparent reasons, making them lose karma.

    tl;dr The system is broken. If the system would be fixed, it would make game experience better.

  • @administrators can you please answer my question. In the paid version is there a way to limit low ELO players. I have lost 36 points in three games because your system keeps pairing with me 900 ELO's and numbers don't roll and get teamed up on. A simple yes or no will be sufficient. This has to be possible.

  • although i haven't done it in a long time, when i checked off the karma box when starting a game, I usually got players with very high elo. also, i get players with much higher elo when i check off four-player vs three player. u have to wait longer to get a four-player game and you have to wait longer to get a game based upon good karma, but it may help minimize the low elo players

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