Refund please. Bugs galore. No proper trading.

  • I'd like a refund. This game is full of bugs. Has no real player communication and is not what I paid for. The randomness of the dice is definitely questionable as I've had numerous games with far more 2s and 12s than 6s and 8s. Games with no 7s. It's apparently hard to get a random dice generator, but still. This game was not cheap but it is also not enjoyable. Timeout doesn't kick players when they've clearly left. Bugs stop games. Players quit all the time. I find myself unable to stop doing the same as the game seems incredibly unbalanced and what makes the board game fun, the trading, the rivalries and the ganging up on the winning player, doesn't work because no one talks. No one wishes each other luck, no one congratulates the winner. It's a shame. I think it's not entirely the developers fault, but it is not a game I want. I'd like a refund please and my username deleted. Kind regards.


  • There is very little community in this game indeed. Partly due to the anonymity of the players - you can only see them when the game starts. So some players have no problem with quitting the game if they don't know who is on the other end. I imagine most of the games are created through the matchmaker. If the players could actually socialize in the same game before and after the actual game ends, it should create a more friendly environment.

  • I second that, community development is important.

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    @MorganinJapan Please contact our support via regarding your request.

    On the other hand. We just released patch 1.4.0. Just take a look it might change your mind.

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