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  • I know there has been multiple discussions on here about ELO. Hate it or love it, it's the system. @Administrator can I please make a request. Can you give some details into how that ELO works and factors that go into that? ELO against much lower players is brutal. I have been hovering around 1210's or so. But if I lose one game to someone like 1000, it's 12 points down. It's only like 2-3 if I win. I get it, my rating is higher, I should win. However, you get one game where they just corner you on the start, rob you every time because your rating is high, not trade, and you've got no shot. I don't care how good you are. While I know you can't change it, but details into how it works would be helpful to understand how you can minimized losing 6 games of wins in one game.

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    @Yeloow82 Did you made yourself already familiar with the FAQ regarding ELO:


    OR do you have questions which go beyond the linked article?

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