"game has ended"

  • someone got disconnected from a game on my turn, and a question popped up asking me if i still want to continue (was 3 players game), i clicked yes, and all of a sudden i have no option to press a development card or anything else, and a second msg comes up "match has ended",
    after that i tried to quit, yet still got a notification telling me that i might "lose" points and karma.

    question is WHY?

  • administrators

    @syxQn If you receive the server message "the game has ended". You wont get punished for leaving the game. The way you describe the situation sounds to my like a connectivity issues of one or more clients in the game. The next update should get rid of situations like that.

  • Good to know when I get booted by the kicktimer while I am doing my analysis after my games it will not affect my karma. I am still getting booted after about six minutes. Not the end of the world, but I sometimes really like to look at each players' game to see why they did as they did.

  • @Administrator

    nonsense, it happened to me twice from the day i read ur post saying it wont decrease, and it did get lowered again.

  • i guess elo and karma are relative

  • @Administrator Unfortunately, I only just started playing the game, two years on, and this happened to me in my third game. Apparently the update is "delayed"?

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