The Game icon under my name

  • Hi,
    I installed today, and played the tutorial, even though I'm very experienced in the real life board game but I wanted to master the mechanics of the cyber version. I played one single player game. Now I see this icon. It looks like a small castle. When I click it it says:

    The Game
    Time left: XX:XX

    What is it? What do I do?

  • administrators

    @Wrona Did you unlock the "base game" using a scroll? If so, this shows how much time of the 24 hour you have left with full access to the Catan - The Game expansion

  • That's right! Thanks :)
    But it seems I can't do that again, can I? I have 6 scrolls now and nowhere to "rent" the game again...

    Does this mean I have to pay now to play online?

  • Yes. Or you can create a new user.

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