ODDS going berzerk. improbablities going nuts

  • ill start this post by saying how dissapointed i am from the developers of this game. ive never encountered a game that affects the "luck" or "odds" by "karma".
    needless to say that after i bought this game i didnt know the meaning of "karma", thus everytime i "quitted" when game froze i lost too many ELO points (which i really dont mind), but the thing that bothers me the most is the karma. let me play without seeing people with probabilities of 11,3,4,12 winning me and get cards as if they hacked this game.

    when i bought this for 15$ i didnt think someone will give me a hard time with the dice.
    this causing me and other to rage quit.

    if you see it once in 10 games, its alright, but when it happens to you ever SINGLE game its mad.
    wanna hear some of the odds ive seen and other told me?
    here it is:

    7 times in a ROW of the number 9: odds to that is** 1 to 4,782,969.** witnessed it last week
    4 time in a row 6-6 in the dice: odds to that** 1 to 1,679,616**. (2 days after first example).
    a game of city and knights with only 1 time 6 in the dice!!!! odds to that:** impossible.**

    people may call me and others paranoid, but the algorithms are insane.
    every time i hold more than 7 cards i get 7 in the dice. GAME AFTER GAME, while others dont.
    that "karma" isnt only affecting me, and rage quitters. it affects everyone, and just lowers our chances to "win" a game, thus causing more drama.

    LET THE DICE BE DICE. if someone had to leave or wants to rage quit, let him quit.
    ELO points lowered is enough.

    we play this game in real life and we suffer from annoying people, but i havent seen god interfering their odds. the fact that someone is raging and quitting, isnt an excuse to interfere his dice. PERIOD.

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